I’m available to speak topics relating to marketing, launching companies and the bittersweet entrepreneurial way. Here are a few developed programs and we can collaboratively come up with a compelling talk if you’re looking for a topic that fits your program.

The Manic Depressive Entrepreneur…and other motivating stories.
I’m often asked to talk about the success I’ve had, but that’s not the whole story…that’s not the true story. In reality, moments of success are fractured by tons of failures. This is the true story…the more interesting story. While this talk will ring true for entrepreneurs, any professional can learn from the tragic (and often funny) tales of what happens in the trenches and how to drag yourself out of them.

Online Marketing: Tactics 101-109
There are countless buzzwords, everyone is an expert and strategy is constantly changing. I wade through the muck for you and emerge through the chaos with eight tactics you can take and use right now. This talk is targeted to entrepreneurs, principals and marketing executives for small and medium-sized companies.

There is Another Way! An Introduction to Entrepreneurs.
Millions of youths have developed a jaded view of the workforce over the past years while experiencing their parent’s layoffs, underemployment or toiling on jobs they don’t like. This talk, targeted toward middle and high school-aged students, explains that there’s another way. There’s a way to build a job doing what you love, one where you’re the boss, one where you can’t get laid off. I define the entrepreneur, introduce entrepreneurs from pop culture, and outline the skills necessary to start your own company…today.



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