City Prints

I launched City Prints in early 2012 and we’ve sold 20,000 prints in two years and have been featured on, Uncrate, Cool Material, Gizmodo, local TV in Charlotte and dozens of newspapers nationwide.

City Prints makes fine art map prints. We make personalized art that on first glance looks like modern art, but it represents the places most meaningful to you. We create maps of college campuses, cities around the world, sports stadiums in almost every league, and even pop culture maps from video games and movies.

I developed the brand, website and the initial run of artwork until hiring my brother to run day to day production. City Prints is now seeking licensing and retail opportunities.

Email me here and let’s chat.

  • Skills: Brand Development, Marketing Strategy Development, Ecommerce Website Development, Online Marketing, Printing & Fulfillment Logistics
  • Launched: February 2012
  • Results: 20,000 Units Sold in First 2 Years, Over 700 Prints Available
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